Konami hires developers to continue with MGS

March 10, 2009, 6:32 pm

konami hires developers to continue with mgs   Konami reluctantly confirmed that Metal Gear Solid series will not end in the fourth part. The company posted online ads on the search for new workers willing to work on new projects in the universe Metal Gear.
We need specialists, ready to work on games for the home prefixes, handheld consoles and mobile phones. Except Metal Gear prospective employees are invited to work on the sequence Winning Eleven, Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball, Bemani, online entertainment and pachinko machine guns.
Hideo Kojima said that MGS4 will be the last part of the famous TV series, but he, of course, no one believed. It is unlikely that Konami wants to close the franchisee, as it remains one of the major publishing houses for dairy cows.
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