Korean concept of a modular phone The Conduit

February 13, 2009, 5:46 pm

korean concept of a modular phone the conduitkorean concept of a modular phone the conduitkorean concept of a modular phone the conduit 
korean concept of a modular phone the conduit   The Conduit - a very unusual concept mobile phone designed for the Korean company SKY/Pantech. The naked eye is difficult to notice that this mysterious apparatus elegant manner combines elements of several devices.
Designer Tirshatha Hunter (Tirshathah Hunter) put in their product rather bold idea:the unit consists of the three finest blocks that perform different functions. The first two are connected by a flexible collapsing display. If they are separated, there will be a futuristic PDA, stylus-controlled. In the folded device is a thinnest cell phone with camera. With regard to the third module, he plays the role of regular tube, devoid of buttons. Select the desired number, with the help of voice commands.
The Conduit radically different from anything that suggest other manufacturers of mobile products, but we do not expect to see this device on sale in the near future. For too long, you need to further develop technological solutions that have become the basis for this concept.


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