LAN Yandex represented in all federal districts

December 8, 2008, 7:33 am

lan yandex represented in all federal districts   Yandex connected Rostov-on-Don to its local network. Southern District became the seventh region in the program to increase the availability of services Yandex in Russia. Now, Yandex present locally in all federal districts of the country.
Yandex run the Local Area Network in autumn 2007. With the help of Yandex is trying to solve the problem of access to the Internet, which exists in the regions:when traffic is divided into local and federal pay for a variety of tariffs and transmitted with varying speeds. Under the Local Network Yandex leased lines to major cities and provides free traffic to content providers. Thus, Yandex has become a local resource for the region.
now on the local network Yandex 14 cities, including Rostov-on-Don. Direct access to Yandex today are hundreds of regional providers.
In Rostov-on-Don had already become partners Yandex company Spark, TSTS and SPC. These providers include all the resources of Yandex in its local tariffs. Applications for participation in the program are accepted at local @ yandex-team. ru.


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