Laptops OLPC XO 1. 5:transition from AMD to the VIA

April 20, 2009, 7:45 am

laptops olpc xo 1. 5:transition from amd to the via   The representatives of the project One Laptop Per Child announced their intention in the near future to provide an updated version of the mini-laptop XO-1. It was decided to abandon the processor AMD Geode, which are installed in the OLPC-laptops since their introduction in the sale, in favor of chips VIA C7-M. In the view of OLPC, VIA will allow the use of the platform, with comparable power consumption for greater performance at lower cost.
In the mini-laptops XO Generation 1. 5 will be installed VIA chips with clock frequencies from 400 MHz to 1 GHz. Chipset allows play HD-video, as well as providing surround sound. Also new XO will have gigabytes of RAM, four or eight gigabytes of flash memory. Displays will vary more than high brightness.
A test platform for developers will be available in May, and the emergence of the first prototype is expected in late August. It should be noted, is now being actively work on the mini-laptops XO second generation, which, presumably, will be equipped with two touch panel and processors based on the architecture of ARM.


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