Laptops OLPC XO-2:ARM processors rather than x86 ?

March 16, 2009, 8:38 pm

laptops olpc xo-2:arm processors rather than x86 ? 
laptops olpc xo-2:arm processors rather than x86 ?   A non-profit organization One Laptop Per Child (OLPC, laptop - every child) is almost determined using processors based on ARM architecture processors in the next generation XO Laptop -2, which is expected to release in the next 18 months. On this the other day said Nicholas Negroponte (Nicholas Negroponte), chairman of OLPC. The main reason for non-x86 chip architecture in favor of ARM, is likely to be the best economy of the past, which ultimately will increase the time-alone work XO-2.
Let us recall that the current generation, XO-1, performed at the Geode x86 processor company Advanced Micro Devices. In addition to longer battery life for new notebooks XO-2 OLPC leadership would also like to see an increase in the functionality of a new generation of children`s laptops. According to Ed MakNirni (Ed McNierney), technical director of OLPC, integrated solutions based on ARM architecture cost comparable x86 solutions, while providing an adequate level of performance of integrated graphics and wireless network.
Unfortunately, ARM-processors have one significant limitation. As used in the XO-2, they perekroyut possibility of a full version of Windows. Unlike the XO-1, the management would like to see the OLPC XO-2 in the presence of the functions of the operating system of choice downloadable, so you can work or on Linux, or a full-fledged Windows. Processors based on ARM-architecture can work with Windows Mobile and Linux, but, alas, with the full versions of Windows, they do not work.
If the mountain does not come to Mohammed . . . Currently, OLPC, according to Negroponte, is negotiating with Microsoft to develop a full-fledged version of Windows for the XO-2. As to the release of XO-2 is still 18 months, a lot can change in the relationship Microsoft and ARM,"he said. However, Microsoft`s still no comments on this subject was not followed.
There is already known that the XO-2 will be a device to program the touch keyboard and two touch screens - something between a traditional laptop and e-books, tablets and even elektropianino touch typing. The new generation of children`s laptops will also include current technologies such as the possibility of charging from solar panels. In future plans - support for WiMax technology class, and 3G.


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