A laser recordable Blu-ray at a speed of 12x

October 6, 2008, 6:36 am

a laser recordable blu-ray at a speed of 12x   While the market is only beginning to fill up 8-speed Blu-ray recorders, the Japanese company Sanyo Electric is already preparing the industry to a new qualitative leap. The other day she reported on the development of blue laser diode, which is enough power to record a multi-layer Blu-ray discs at up to 12x.
As the developers to create new diode they had to overcome a number of technological hurdles. First, the diode should provide a stable high output power at 450 MW for quite some time (until the last record). Secondly, a semiconductor should have a sufficiently high efficiency power conversion in optical power.
To successfully achieve the required Sanyo used in the creation of a new element of the structure, called LASTECT. Protective film was formed on both sides of the laser diode, which allowed for a better Reflex properties, as well as protection against oxidation. In addition, it has good dielectric properties, low fotoabsorbtsiey that helped maintain output optical power within an acceptable framework for a sufficiently long time.
LASTECT structure also includes a new layer of low fotoabsorbtsiey, which is located along the pathways of optical beam. According to the developers, this solution can reduce energy losses and hence improve the efficiency of power conversion.
Separately worth noting the new compact diode - its diameter is only 5, 6 mm.
Sanyo intends to improve the characteristics of its design and plans to launch new diodes in mass production within two to three years. And much hurry, because Blu-ray Disc Association has not yet been standardized, even recording a speed of 8x.


• LASTECT laser diode
• lastect sanyo diode
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