LCD Funai:without lights, and three times cheaper

November 20, 2008, 9:29 pm

   The unit of Japanese company Funai, research and development, Funai Electric Advanced Applied Technology Research Institute announced a unique reflexivity display without backlight. Immediately note a display without backlight recently demonstrated LG Display.
Due to lack of novelty lights, power is only one hundredth part of the power of traditional LCD displays. Specific power consumption per square centimeter of the screen is only 0, 16 milliwatts. In doing so, the picture remains the same readable, and text printed on a sheet of white paper.
The secret new device is the special dyes that change color depending on the electricity pass through them. Detailed information about the principle of the display is not disclosed. Represents a potential new items to 80%, a 30% increase compared to typical modern LCD displays. According to the developers, it allows no difficulty working with a screen even in bright daylight conditions. It is noted that the innovative displays do not use the thin-film transistors, and the cost of the panels is reduced by about two-thirds.
Currently, Funai is developing a model with a diagonal from 7 to 14 inches. Mass production will start next year.


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