LCD panels for monitors and laptops went

April 24, 2009, 11:51 am

   The latest data collected by the analytical DisplaySearch, in the second half of April, went up LCD panels for monitors and notebook PCs. Prices in other segments of the market remained virtually unchanged.
The panels for monitors, on average went up by $ 1, 4. Particularly analysts point increase in the price 18, 5-inch 16:9 panels to $ 3, 4.
The volume of shipments of LCD monitors continue to grow in April, and some manufacturers were prepared to overpay, even for two to four dollars, to ensure a reliable supply of panels. The industry experienced a shortage, as well as increased demand for small-size wide-screen TV sets, which use monitor panel.
The prices of panels for notebooks in the second half of April increased by $ 1-2. The growing demand for 16:9 format panel has exceeded all expectations, especially in models with a diagonal screen 15, 6 and 14 inches. Platform Intel CULV thin notebooks to stimulate demand for large panels with a diagonal of 13, 3, 14 and 15, 6.


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