Leading developers talk about the PC and physical media

December 7, 2008, 8:03 am

leading developers talk about the pc and physical media 
leading developers talk about the pc and physical media   Recently, the network published several very well-known speech in the game industry figures about the problems faced by publishers or may encounter.
So, Ken Levine (Ken Levine) - Head of the project are aware Bioshock - said Forbes, that he was very sorry to see the PC becomes unusable platform for games. A computer now has a mass of problems:from raznoboya system requirements to poor drivers and piracy. Geymdizayner said he, as a user, it`s best to play it to RS, but, unfortunately, to date, it becomes extremely difficult.
Meanwhile, Phil Harrison (Phil Harrison) from Atari in a recent interview with the magazine Edge spoke about the future of modern physical media. According to him, will soon grow a generation of children who never in his life not Buy boxed version of the game, a movie on DVD or music CD. We hope that the manager had in mind the growing possibility of digital distribution, rather than the monstrous level of piracy.
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