Leak information about the upcoming Dell Inspiron Mini

April 7, 2009, 3:06 pm

leak information about the upcoming dell inspiron minileak information about the upcoming dell inspiron mini 
leak information about the upcoming dell inspiron mini   For unknown reason, the network hit presentation slides company Dell, which contains information about future updates of family Inspiron Mini.
As you see, on 8 May will be a new, 10 1-inch netbuki Inspiron Mini 1011 and Mini 1010v (a family of Bear). These models will include the processor Intel Atom N270 (with a standard clock speed of 1, 6 GHz, as well as the reduced frequency of 1, 3 GHz), 512 MB or 1 GB of memory, hard drive capacity from 120 to 160 GB or SSD-drive capacity of 8/16 GB, 10, 1, display-resolution WSVGA, Windows XP operating system or distro Linux. New items belong to the budgetary decisions and positioned as a second computer-companion. Starting price Dell Bear - $ 299.
In the period from April to May netbuki Inspiron Mini 10 will receive a few updates, including an increase in capacity hard drive to 250 gigabytes, built-in TV tuner, a large 6-digit battery, 1, 86-GHz processor Atom, RAM capacity of 2 GB.
In the second or third quarter of Dell plans to release another interesting novelty - 11, 6-inch subnoutbuk ULV-based platform of Intel. The device, known under the code designation of Argos, which will be released to the market as a Mini 1110, will differ very thin and light body, as well as productivity and the keyboard is almost like a normal laptop.
Other characteristics of this model are the hard drive capacity up to 250 GB to 2 GB of RAM, as well as the operating system Windows Vista. Price Dell Inspiron Mini 1110 is $ 499 in basic configuration.


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