Lego Universe - Multiplayer game-based design

April 8, 2009, 11:00 am

lego universe - multiplayer game-based design 
lego universe - multiplayer game-based design   I think that among our readers is hardly possible to find anyone unfamiliar with the designers of a Danish company Lego. These toys of varying degrees of complexity subdued children worldwide to become one of the major developing entertainment of our time.
In 2010, on the basis of the franchisee is a new game for the PC. We can not say that this was some kind of gimmick, because before we have played Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones. Nevertheless, the new Lego Universe is very different from its competitors. The point is that the game is now a popular genre of MMOG.
Wired Journalists talked to the creators of this thing during the Game Developers Conference 2009. The project is aimed at young gamers just yet. According to the authors, this would be a kind of virtual playground, where you control a little yellow man. The developers promise us the plot, conflicts, fights and special cubes that will improve your own character.
NetDevil game promises to fill a variety of locations, characters, to give her child and a cheerful atmosphere.
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