Lenovo:reducing profit by 78% as a result of the quarter

November 9, 2008, 6:47 pm

   The company Lenovo Group, the fourth largest producer of computers in the world, reported a decline in profits on the basis of the next quarter by 78%, explaining this result slowdown in sales at the expense of the general recession. Three months ended September 30, Lenovo had revenue of $ 23 million dollars, while a year earlier the figure was 105 million dollars in the same time, total sales grew slightly, even at 0, 4%, reaching 4, 33 billion addition to links to external causes, not happy with the results, President of the Yuankin Yang (Yang Yuanqing) also recognized the shortcomings in the administration. To remedy the situation, the company intends to actively engage in its restructuring to reduce costs, which will not cost without layoffs, although specific plans were not yet formulated.
Executive Director, William Amelio (William J. Amelio), estimated the future costs related to the restructuring of 75-100 million dollars Amelio said that Lenovo would consider the possibility of acquiring assets and technologies that will reduce costs and improve profitability. As another potential pool of the company is considering increasing the development of fast-growing emerging markets. For the reasoning of the opinion was cited statistics quarterly shipments in the regional breakdown, showing an increase in sales in China by 11%, to 1, 9 billion dollars, while reducing the target to 4% in the Americas and by 10% - in the Asia-Pacific (excluding China).


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