LG sold 20 million phones with QWERTY

April 17, 2009, 3:40 pm

lg sold 20 million phones with qwerty   The company publishes information about the LG achievements more often than other vendors. Not so long ago, became aware of the sale of 2 million tachfonov KP500 (Cookie). Now LG has announced the implementation of 20 million devices with QWERTY.
The majority of phones with a keyboard with the QWERTY layout was sold in North America. During 2005, LG has sold 350 thousand vehicles in 2006 - already 600 thousand in 2007 sales reached a QWERTY-device 2, 7 million, and in 2008 - the whole 12, 7 million
In the United States the most popular series are LG enV and Rumor. Phones with QWERTY from the first line was sold to a circulation of 8 million units, while the second - 6 million
Thanks to the success of QWERTY-aids LG now holds 20, 8% of the market in North America. In 2007, the share of the company was 15, 8%.


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