LG W2271TC:Monitor with a web camera and microphone

November 18, 2008, 4:50 pm

lg w2271tc:monitor with a web camera and microphone   The company LG Electronics recently introduced a new 22-inch LCD monitor W2271TC (TN-matrix) with a built 2-megapixel Web camera, microphone and acoustics. Communication opportunities of the new monitors are useful for interactive online communication (holding video conferences, IP-telephony). Before you start recording, or communication mode preview a Web camera allows the user to view and transfer images. In this mode, you can add video or funny frames.
At the bottom of the screen on the left side is a button"Fun Key". When you click on it activated functions such as Photo Effects, EZ Zooming and 4:3 in Wide. Feature Photo Effects using different graphic effects alter the picture. EZ Zooming reduces a screen monitors, while bigger picture and text. Targeted at gamers feature 4:3 in Wide enables play video games.
The Matrix W2271TC has 20000:1 dynamic contrast and response time of 5 ms. Sales in Russia, he will appear in November 2008.


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