Lian Li will cut into the hull laser Amada

November 6, 2008, 6:26 pm

   The company Lian Li Industrial, a well-known our regular readers producer of aluminum chassis and peripherals for PCs, said another upgrade their production facilities, which, according to company representatives, will enable it to keep pace with the times and meet the growing quality standards. Last updated equipment includes a new laser cutting machine Amada.
The new device allows Lian Li profile and handle the current patterns of shells and produce new chassis with greater speed. As the Lian Li, this fast and reliable method replaces the traditional method of manufacture of traditional computer casings OEM, used by its competitors and implying that the new developments involving the processing performed by external parties, resulting in higher cost and take a long time.
The new laser cutting machine - the second used in Taiwan. It not only shortens the time of production, but also allows smaller projects over a short period of time when researching new ideas for less money.
Recall, Lian Li - the only manufacturer of computer casings, are still using manual work in the production of their products. Bending, punching and laser cutting instead of casting technology make a Lian Li as a unique producer of aluminum chassis and peripherals for PCs.


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