Lian Li has released Coolers for their shells

December 19, 2008, 10:22 am

lian li has released coolers for their shells 
lian li has released coolers for their shells   Lian Li Industrial Company specifically for enthusiasts released a set of two cooling T-7024W and T-7022W, which can be installed on top of buildings models PC-A70 and PC - A7010.
In the kit includes a copper radiator, mounted on the inner side of the top bar, open vozduhootvodami to domestic fans to remove heat. Outside the panel has four USB ports 2. 0, one IEEE 1394, an External SATA and audio jack installed below the copper radiators of various calibres. A model T-7024W larger radiator size 140 x 280 mm with two cooling fans inside diameter of 140 mm (1500 rpm), and the model T-7022W - radiator 120 x 240 mm with two 120-mm fans (1500 rpm ).
Radiators sets T-7024W and T-7022W made of pure copper with a black anodized coating and, according to the developers, are the perfect complement to any water cooling system.
Currently, two new items are available upon request. Recommended producer price model T-7024W - $ 200 (not including VAT), T-7022W - $ 120 (not including VAT).


• 140x280mm radiator
• lian li 280 radiator
• lian li t-7022w
• t-7024w price
• T-7024W lian li
• lian li t-7024w
• t-7022w
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