Lian Li PC-888 - a luxury hotel for the system components

January 9, 2009, 4:24 pm

lian li pc-888 - a luxury hotel for the system componentslian li pc-888 - a luxury hotel for the system components 
lian li pc-888 - a luxury hotel for the system components   In advance of the 2009 International CES exhibition in Las Vegas company Lian Li Industrial Co. announced its intention to demonstrate at this event very extravagant design computer corpus format Full Tower under the symbol PC-888.
This model is significant in the first place that is executed in the same style, which is located in the city of Dubai luxurious hotel Burj Al Arab. In addition, more attractive and effective product gives a gentle blue color of the aluminum surface. This building is equipped with a transparent side panel, compatible with standard ATX boards, and M-ATX, equipped with compartments to accommodate four 5, 25-inch device and four 3, 5-inch drives, has seven expansion slots and is staffed by just three 120-mm fans with a blue LED backlight, the two front and one rear with the possibility of managing speed through a special control. As for the recruitment of retired outside interfaces, there are eSATA ports and FireWire, four USB 2 connector. 0, and a jack for headphones and an external microphone. Interestingly, however, that the building was originally equipped with a built-multiformatnym kardriderom.
As for the estimated cost and the likely timing of the emergence of Lian Li PC-888 for sale, then this account of official information yet.


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