Lian Li PC-XB01 as the top replacement shell Xbox 360

July 9, 2008, 2:18 am

lian li pc-xb01 as the top replacement shell xbox 360 
lian li pc-xb01 as the top replacement shell xbox 360   Obladatelyam popular for Xbox 360 from Microsoft company Lian Li Industrial Co. agreed to propose a more functional alternative to the standard shell its new model under the symbol PC-XB01.
The decision, according to its creators, is designed to provide better cooling of internal components and can markedly reduce the overall level of vibration. The truth is, a reservation - that move independently electronic stuffing Xbox 360 in the new interior, the user must have all the necessary skills to do so.
The very novelty has dimensions of 160 x 250 x 415 mm and is made entirely of aluminium in compliance with all canons of high quality, which is famous company Lian Li Industrial Co. To maintain optimum temperature inside installed a rear 120 - mm fan, which rotates at a speed of 1500 revolutions per minute, but there is a possibility if desired application and liquid-cooled systems.
According to the information contained in the published an official press release, Lian Li PC-XB01 can be purchased at the end of this month, still did not specify at what price and exactly where.


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