What lies internet in the near future

February 3, 2009, 10:59 am

   One of these days my thoughts on the development of the Internet and the role of the current crisis, expressed by the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer of Cisco, John Chambers (John Chambers). He said the crisis that had to face hundreds of millions of people, quite serious, but it offers great opportunities to transform our global community for the benefit of future generations.
Chambers said that shortly before the crisis we have entered a new phase of innovation and productivity growth due to development of the Internet. Previous phase began more than 15 years ago when the Internet has changed the traditional ways of selling and buying products, management and communication with customers and the public. Internet the future - a combination of network technologies, video and social networks, transforming the global style of life at such a speed and effectiveness of what we could not dream of.
In this new stage of economic development of those companies will succeed and those who remain within the short-term goals and focus on the future. This will require strategic vision, the ability to dramatically change the current strategy and the ability to enforce the long-term plans. In addition, it is necessary to anticipate market changes and to invest there, where will new industry and jobs.


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