Lifebook4Life:life upgrade your notebook from Fujitsu Siemens

December 1, 2008, 8:25 pm

   In anticipation of the Christmas holidays company Fujitsu Siemens has decided to please potential buyers of notebooks interesting news. The program Lifebook4Life marketing IT-giant offering everyone who wants to get a free upgrade Fujitsu Siemens notebook for three years. Also, if you prefer to conclude an extension of the contract for warranty service, the company undertakes no cost to update acquired a portable PC for life.
Despite the attractiveness Lifebook4Life, the consumer will be faced with a number of restrictions. The first of them - at a cost of the new configuration should not exceed the value of the acquired laptop (with a 10% inflation). The second condition - the service does not extend to friends and relatives will not be forwarded to the user, that is to upgrade your PC has the right to one person and no more. The third restriction - not allowed to use spare competing companies.
As we can see to get the desired bonuses will have to follow the developer. Nevertheless, we hope that it is worth it.


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