Lil Dragon - 40 - nm videochip RV870

May 10, 2008, 3:37 am

   The current generation of graphics processors manufactured by 65 - or 55 nm - nm process technology, but the next generation videochipov already moved into 45/40- tehprotsess nm. And while the case tomorrow, training developers of integrated circuits are today, what becomes known as network and media. Apparently, the first having mastered a new technology company AMD, which plans to issue in the near future, 40 - nm processors RV870. Above all, the developers of graphic adapters family looked forward immediately release the Radeon graphics cards based on 40 - nm videochipov,"Passing"interim 45 - nm tehprotsess. It is well known and even code chips - Lil Dragon.
Interestingly, the performance of processors will grow immediately by 20%, compared with RV770, with power consumption will be significantly reduced. As for videochipov specifications, it was reported the existence of 960 Shader units, 48 textured blocks and 24 blocks rasterizatsii. In doing so indicative input power to establish 150 watts, if take into account the significance of today`s working frequencies nucleus. Most likely, remain intact and functional equipped graphics cards, that is, will be implemented support all the same API DirectX 10. 1.


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