Logitech acquired company Ultimate Ears

June 19, 2008, 4:35 pm

logitech acquired company ultimate ears 
logitech acquired company ultimate ears   Swiss Logitech International has acquired Californian fully private firms Ultimate Ears for $ 34 million, which occupies a leading position in the market monitor headphones for professional musicians and sound engineer. Recently the company has expanded its product range to include a series of popular consumer deposit headphones for users iPhone, iPod and other MP3-player.
Thanks to absorb Ultimate Ears, Logitech will be able to expand its range of digital audio technology, introducing more variety of products for mobile listening. Note that the company already has a series of digital music acoustic systems:speakers, headphones, Bluetooth-accessories.
Ultimate Ears was founded in 1995. First, the company has been creating technology for professional rock musicians. It is this organization were created the first high bidirectional headphones to monitor the scene. Approximately 75% of the leading artists in this genre use specialized products from this company. The price of consumer technology from Ultimate Ears can be as high as $ 1200. The company itself is extremely small - it employs about 40 people.


• SMS acquired by Logitech
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