Logitech has released billions mouse

December 4, 2008, 12:33 pm

logitech has released billions mouse   The company Logitech announced the release of its billion mice. The first mouse was issued by that company in 1985, the 100 millionth mouse saw the light in 1996. After seven years, the number of mice that were released Logitech, exceeded 500 million. Today, Logitech sells a type of mouse manipulation in more than 100 countries around the world every day producing an average of 376 thousand mice, the monthly production of 7, 8 million
Nemalovazhnoe event in the history of the company Logitech coincided with the fortieth anniversary of the first open demonstrations of computer mouse.
The company Logitech continuously working on innovations in the evolution of mice. Only in the last five years, the company introduced the world`s first laser mouse technology and ultrafast scroll nanopriemnik. If you talk about the future, as an example of what would constitute a new generation of development Logitech, the mouse is the Logitech MX Air, vosprinimayuschuyu gestures, and the compact size of a palm hybrid keyboard Logitech diNovo Mini. Despite the fact that in terms of productivity to continue to lead normal mouse and keyboard, the emergence of smart home technology and new forms of entertainment opens up new opportunities for interaction with the computer - whether voice, touch, or something else.


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