Logitech Illuminated Keyboard - 9 milimetrov perfection

September 4, 2008, 6:02 pm

logitech illuminated keyboard - 9 milimetrov perfection 
logitech illuminated keyboard - 9 milimetrov perfection   In an effort pereplyunut itself Logitech introduced Illuminated Keyboard, which is very thin keyboard company - its thickness is only 9, 3 mm. Among other features new items worth mentioning brand technology backlight keys keyboard, using reflectors on the basis mikrolinz, multilayered process of painting, as well as laser engraving. The user is free to independently change the brightness of lights, depending on the ambient lighting and their own needs. Like any modern keyboard, Illuminated Keyboard is equipped with the backing of soft hands, as well as a set of keys and multimedia volume control.
In another new items used proprietary technology called Logitech PerfectStroke:to facilitate long typing course of each key when pressing increased to 3, 2 mm. In addition, construction machinery keys implemented in such a way as to force pressure on them distributed evenly across the surface, even if the user clicks the only keys to the edge.
New from Logitech for sale in October at a price of 80 dollars.
In addition Illuminated Keyboard company has submitted two more keyboard - diNovo Keyboard and Cordless Desktop S520. Wireless diNovo Keyboard is designed specifically for laptop users, and on assurances from Logitech, the ability to operate from one battery charge up to three years. The same indicator of recruitment Cordless Desktop S520, consisting of a wireless keyboard and laser mouse, modest # 8722, 15 and 8 months respectively. For diNovo Keyboard manufacturer requests of $ 99, while the kit Cordless Desktop S520 will cost the buyer at 59 dollars.


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