A lot of interesting detail Bioshock 2

April 20, 2009, 5:59 pm

   If you are not afraid of spoilers, but your curiosity knows no bounds, then you definitely should see is a new preview Bioshock 2, published on the website Gamespot. However, if you do so, no special surprises in the product of 2K Marin you are no longer waiting.
We are not going to tell all the secrets, so as not to spoil the impression of passing. I will only say that the underwater city of Rapture was a lot more than we saw in the first part. Gamers show a lot of new locations. You are waiting for the unexpected plot turns and surprises. In addition, you can walk straight under the water !
By the way, the development sequel, judging by the roller, vylozhennomu ibid. , direct woman. Ken Levin irrelevant to the continuation of no.

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