LSI Engenio 7900 Storage modernized

April 23, 2009, 9:37 am

   Modular Storage middle class LSI Engenio 7900 debuted last October, when they were offered with a sixteen interfaces, Fibre Channel 4 Gb/s and supports up to 256 hard drives SATA or FC Forms factor 3, 5. These devices have been the basis for the SGI IS4600, IBM DS5000 and Sun 6580, is also aware that at the stage of preparation for the release of the product is Terradata. However, LSI did not stop there, and presented a modified version of the drive 7900, featuring increased performance I/O, as well as a large number and variety of supported hard drives.
Upgraded Storage 7900 FC ports are equipped with the capacity of 8 Gb/s, and can now support up to 448 discs FC, SATA and Seagate FDE (full disk encryption, hard drive technology with a level encryption devices). As the producer, FDE drives allow the CPU to save the array controller, to a large extent, unloading it from the tasks associated with encryption. However, support for encryption, in any case, given sufficient attention, as reflected by adding the supplied SafeStore Encryption Services.
According to LSI, arrays 7900 may contain a mixture of the three levels of storage, for example, 15 thousand RPM FDE-drives at the first level, 10 thousand RPM FC-disks in the second and SATA-drives in the third. So far, the manufacturer does not offer the SSD-components in their arrays, but intends to apply in the future, and this kind of storage devices. The company also noted the recovery of the segment directly connected drives (direct-attached storage, DAS), in no small measure relating to the account of the fact that several popular software products Microsoft, in particular - Exchange, it is best to work with DAS-drives. This trend is in the hands of LSI, as many manufacturers of servers using its chips in its production controllers DAS.


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