Mail. Ru bought football club

April 1, 2009, 6:16 pm

mail. ru bought football club   Mail. Ru announced the purchase of 100% stake in Samara FC Znamya progress. The deal amounted to $ 3 million. In addition, Mail. Ru agrees to pay current debts of the club. The question of renaming the banner of progress in honor of the portal. It should be noted that the Mail. Ru has no plans to own the club alone - of the shares of the team will have the most loyal users of the service company.
FC Znamya progress - one of the oldest in Russia. Nevertheless, for many decades of XX century, it has not been able to achieve remarkable success - today his name is virtually unknown. The financial crisis has further complicated the situation of the team, leaving her owners began to seek potential buyers, among which was the Mail. Ru. After three months of negotiations, the parties reached an agreement - a document, closing a deal was signed on 24 March. The decision will be whether the club was renamed in honor of Mail. Ru, still pending. However, just know that the colors of the logo and form teams to match the corporate colors of the portal.
One of the ambitious goals set in front of Mail. Ru in the project - to make progress Znamya leading player first division. To do this, the portal is ready to make serious investments in the development of the club - in particular, is currently being negotiated not only with the coaches leading teams, but also considered the possibility of inviting a mentor from outside. It also has begun talks on buying the best players from teams in Russia, is a portal principled stance - in the national soccer team must play exactly the best players of our country.
In the opinion of the company, buying a football club - a very interesting media projects. The most popular among Russians enjoy the stars of show business and politics, while the well-known figures from the world of sports there are some in the shade. According to the Mail. Ru, the potential of athletes as celebrities are not disclosed in full. And huge classroom opportunities service portal can do from the command flag of progress of these stars.
All the players and the coach will be at Blog @ Mail. Ru their blogs, video @ Mail. Ru scheduled live broadcast as the training and matches with the club on goods @ Mail. Ru opened a special section where you can buy things with the symbol of progress Banner and autographs of the players, etc. Also, club members plan to communicate with fans via the Mail. Ru Agent.
And finally, the main intrigue of buying a football club one of the leading portals Runet is that he is not going alone to own a team and get all the benefits of its success. 10% of the shares of Banner progress will be distributed among several thousands of the most loyal and active users of the site.
In view of the huge media company resources, a strong desire to develop the project and make a serious investment, it is safe to say that many of the loyal users of Mail. Ru - thanks to the beloved portal - will soon become very well off people.


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