On the main page of Yandex appeared informers social networks

September 25, 2008, 8:38 am

on the main page of yandex appeared informers social networks   Yandex started to inform its users of new messages as they come to them in social networks VKontakte and classmates. Come visit your profile in these networks and read the latest message, you can now to the main page of Yandex.
A similar functionality is available to users and Yandex, with a blog on Livejournal.com:for them at www. yandex. ru shows the number of new responses to the recording and commentary.
In block Yandex. Mail at www. yandex. ru counter notification of social services is updated automatically, based on an analysis of the letters. To calculate the number of new messages from the user does not require any additional information, in particular - do not have to provide Yandex passwords of other services. Enough to adjust to social networks, sending messages on Yandex. E-mail.
In the future, a list of services of social networks, which is counter to the main page of Yandex, will be expanded.
to receive notification from social networks, users can Yandex as upon arrival at www. yandex. ru, and never opening a browser. This opportunity provides an instant messaging program Ya Online.


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