Mandriva Linux 2009:New version of the popular distribution

October 10, 2008, 5:16 pm

mandriva linux 2009:new version of the popular distribution   New version of the distribution Mandriva. The new version is designed taking into account the wishes of users and offers better solutions for their needs. In Mandriva Linux 2009 presented the latest version of the graphic environment KDE 4. 1.
Among other innovations distribution can be identified:
  • The updated set of commercial applications in PowerPack:audio and video codecs Fluendo, a professional working with digital images in LightZone, virtualization at VMware, as well as applications Google;
  • Completely redesigned graphical installer;
  • Simplify and improve the reliability of installing applications and updates:notification of new versions via the Mandriva Online and automatic configuration of the official repositories;
  • The latest versions of leading Applications open source:integration with KDE 4. 1, GNOME 2. 24, 3, Firefox 3;
  • Faster boot;
  • Improved parental control tool - now with the time intervals;
  • The installer is now capable of detecting low system or netbuki and establish an appropriate graphic environment (GNOME`s default netbukov);
  • The discovery and (optionally) automatic removal of packages, known as orphans (packages that were previously but are no longer in demand) to optimize the occupied seats and future updates ;
  • steadily improved support equipment (kernel version 2. 6. 27), with special emphasis on netbukam.
Mandriva Linux 2009 is available in three versions:PowerPack (commercial edition includes an exclusive commercial software, support and services), One (Live CD c option to install on your hard disk) and Free (editorial , Which contains only the free/open source software). You can download it here.


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