Maps @ Mail. Ru has a map of the world

April 17, 2009, 12:01 pm

maps @ mail. ru has a map of the world   In the draft maps @ Mail. Ru a beta version of the map of the world. Now users can search the site not only houses and streets in Moscow, St. Petersburg, the relevant areas and towns of Russia, but almost all the settlements on the planet. It should be noted that the search for any object is made immediately on all maps.
To see the new map, you need to learn more about the project and in the Quick menu, select the whole world. Alternatively - you can scale the map of Moscow/St Petersburg or Russia to the desired level. A possibility to measure distances between objects, as well as areas highlighted area - for example, you can quickly estimate the size of a country.
is interesting to note that any name that you specify in the search for Maps @ Mail. Ru, service will go directly to the world.
It remains Maps @ Mail. Ru cards are available in Moscow, St. Petersburg, the relevant areas and throughout Russia.


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