Marantz made a wireless docking station for iPod

November 25, 2008, 8:03 am

marantz made a wireless docking station for ipodmarantz made a wireless docking station for ipod 
marantz made a wireless docking station for ipod   Wireless docking stations for iPod has not enjoyed the same popularity, but electronics manufacturers continue to rivet with new models. In particular company Marantz, known to all lovers of audio technology, introduced the elegant model IS301, which can transmit not only music but videos.
There are no cables and cords are not required. The device consists of two blocks. Immediately most docking stations, which sets the player and receiver with a rich set of connectors, which connects to a TV, computer, audio-center and so the device works only with the players iPod. iPhone, unfortunately, is not supported. As the main standard used by Bluetooth 2. 1. In Japan, novelty appears to January of the recommended retail price of # 165, 26250 ($ 277).


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