The market has fallen by a third video card

February 1, 2009, 12:15 am

   So ended the first month of 2009, which so far has not yielded any happy occasion for those who expect a turning point of the prevailing trend. Raging crisis is already difficult to name just financial, he touched upon almost all industries and not only. The economies of many countries are in a state of recession, corporations report on the record loss of large-scale reductions and encourage their employees tighten belts, because the changes have not yet light.
Analytical company Jon Peddie Research has published interesting data on the status of the graphics market. The study included the results of the main producers of graphics accelerators. So, for the first time in 8 years, the level of sales during the IV quarter of the year has not been able to exceed the results of the previous three months. In 2008, the decline was 35% ! For comparison, in 2007, an increase was recorded at 10, 62%. In just the last quarter of last year was delivered 72, 35 million GPU, while the previous year figures have been able to exceed the great mark of 100 million
If we talk specifically about the companies, the worst of the last three months of last year, emerged to ATI - the fall of almost 39%. Slightly better than the situation at Intel - IV quarter sales declined by 37, 1%, as compared with the third quarter. NVIDIA is also nothing to boast of - a fall on 28, 2%. For a California company in 2008 became the general one of the most unfortunate - the supply of goods fell by 34 3% compared to 2007. At the end of Q4 08 market share from Intel was 49, 4%, NVIDIA took 27, 8%, AMD - 20, 6%. As you can see, AMD was able to slightly increase its presence in the market - in many ways this can be attributed to a successful series of video cards Radeon HD4000.
The latter hypothesis and confirm the improved position of AMD in the desktop solutions - then the company has 21, 4% of the market, the NVIDIA - 37, 9%. In the mobile segment leadership belongs, of course, Intel - 59, 2%. Kaliforniytsy have to be satisfied with 22, 9%, the share of AMD and even less - 17, 1% (in the third quarter, by the way, it was significant - 20, 9%).
Do not be too happy, although this was expected. People are starting to save, falling demand for manufactured goods, users are less likely updating their home computers, the leaders have been slow to allocate funds so scarce today for the purchase of new equipment. So the graphics industry, as well as related industries, are waiting for very difficult times.


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