Market LCD panels mantle

April 23, 2009, 9:55 pm

   According to the company DisplaySearch, in March, the supply of large quantities of LCD panels reached 37, 9 million in the piece terms. This is a 29% increase compared to the previous month, although worse than 5% when compared with March last year. The total revenue of producers in this industry totaled $ 3, 9 billion, which is 31% more than in February 2009 and 47% less as compared to March 2008.
The outcome of March can not fail to please producers. This volume could not reach the last six months. According to analysts, February was the bottom of the next cycle of development, and the results of March showed a slight recovery.
The highest growth segment of panels for notebooks - 38%. At the second position on this indicator panels for LCD TVs - 30%, followed by the LCD panels for monitors - 24%.
Particularly rapid growth has shown the panel for devices with ultra-diagonals of five to ten inches. In March, they were shipped 2, 7 million, which is 79% more than in February. The leader of the supply in this segment once again became a Taiwanese manufacturer of HannStar Display.
Also, analysts note the continued rapid development of the market panels prospective 16:9. In March, it was shipped 2, 8 million of these panels for notebooks, while the total number of panels in this segment amounted to 11, 6 million deliveries panels for 16:9 monitors had reached the mark 4, 3 million, representing 28% of the total.


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