The market for OLED-devices will grow by 2015 to 2, 7 billion dollars

October 29, 2008, 2:44 pm

   Research Laboratory for several years been a solid financial investment, designed to develop and further enhance performance of organic light-emitting diodes. And let the emergence of medium-and krupnoformatnyh devices leading manufacturers continually postponed, the portable electronics market OLED-displays have become very common, set in mobile phones, multimedia players, etc. The future is OLED-market devices also Fair - already by 2015, according to the analytical agency NanoMarkets, the market will grow up to A $ 2, 7 billion
through which to market organic light-emitting diodes will experience growth ? Of course, thanks to the quantity produced by portable electronic devices equipped with an OLED-display, available for the mass emergence of a buyer television systems based on organic light-emitting diodes. It can be very useful on the recent development of the company GE Global Research - rolling production displays a variety of formats, which significantly reduces their market value.
However, a key market for OLED-market products will be lighting - now, the truth only in test labs, the efficiency of lighting using organic light-emitting diodes sharing the same factor for fluorescent lamps. Further studies are promised to us, and the emergence of more efficient devices and new applications of such devices. How great importance of this market sector illustrates the fact that the same in 2015 about 90% of OLED-products will account for it in the lighting for various purposes.
One of the most significant advantages of organic LEDs is the possibility of forming a flexible substrate, thereby getting at the exit of flexible OLED-displays, OLED-lamps, etc. Analysts predict that about a third of all devices based on organic light-emitting diodes will be based precisely on flexible plastic substrates.


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