The market for plasma panels on the rise

November 4, 2008, 5:16 pm

the market for plasma panels on the rise   Against the backdrop of global economic crisis and falling sales of liquid crystal displays industry plasma panels shows excellent growth. According to the agency DisplaySearch, in the third quarter of this market grew by 18% compared with the second quarter and by 37% compared with last year. In quantitative terms, sales volume was 4, 2 million, an increase of 6% higher than expected.
The increase in demand for plasma TVs is due to lower prices and wider distribution of high definition video (HD-video). DisplaySearch Specialists believe that the total sales of plasma for the entire year 2008 could amount to 15, 5 million in quantitative terms.
The proportion of plasma panels with a resolution of Full HD 1080p remained at 20% and amounted to 856 thousand units. The main supplier of 1080p panels remained Panasonic Company with the share 70%, while the second position retained the Samsung with a share of 15%.
Interestingly, the proportion of 52-inch plasma panels rose from 26% to 29%. Bestsellers are 42-inch panel with shares of 49%, but justice sake, it is said that earlier the share of this segment never fell below 50%.
The rapidly growing popularity of 32-inch panels. Compared with the second quarter 2008 sales volume increased by 20% to 486 thousand units, and their share in the structure of the plasma market was 12%. The main reason for this growth analysts called the increase in the demand for budgetary panel ED-authorization (480p/576p or 480i/576i) in developing countries through low prices.
The table shows the income of producers from the sales of plasma panels, in percentage terms.


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