The market for processors:Record III quarter and gloomy forecasts

November 5, 2008, 12:42 pm

   While some industry IT-industry increasingly potopayut in crisis, the market of microprocessors for personal computers has so far been kept afloat with confidence and showed good growth. The study IDC, in the third quarter chip sales reached another record high, but analysts immediately slow us regret - forecasts for the fourth quarter are disappointing.
The volume of sales of processors increased by 14% for the quarter and 15, 8% compared to figures for the same period last year. Total income rose by 7 manufacturers, 6% for the quarter and 4 1% for the year and amounted to $ 8, 3 billion in growth dynamics processors Intel Atom with the background of the market - for the quarter, sales increased by 8, 3% and compared with the third quarter of last year - at 8, 7%. Analysts stress the growth segment of mobile solutions and the success of server processors against the background look faded.
As for the distribution market among producers, the leader was still the company with Intel shares 80, 8%, otvoevavshaya in the third quarter yet, 1 1% processor industry. AMD, respectively, lost 1, 2% and finished the quarter with shares of 18, 5%. A third player, VIA Technologies holds a modest piece of 0, 6%.
In the mobile segment, Intel holds 87, 4% of the market, and won in the third quarter 0, 8%. AMD, on the contrary, lost 1, 1% of the market and monitors with 11, 5%. A little success is celebrating VIA - she managed to otvoevat 0, 3%, now owns 1, 2%. Contact situation in the server segment. Here, Intel lost 0, 6% and its share stood at 85, 6%. AMD also won, respectively, 0, 6% and its share was 14, 4%. In the segment of chips for desktop PCs share two giants have remained virtually unchanged - Intel is still controlled 73, 5% of the market, and AMD - 26, 4%.
finally reiterate that forecasts of experts about the fourth quarter are pessimistic. Thanks to good performance the first three quarters of 2008, IDC analysts still forecast an annual growth increased to 18%, but later the figure depending on the change of circumstances could be reviewed.


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