The market for solar panels will slow in 2009

March 25, 2009, 5:15 pm

   In 2008, total power sales of components for solar panels is 5, 6 GW, 48% more than in 2007. The forecast for the volume market in 2009 - 7, 1 GW, which is in line with slower growth up to 26%. However, for 2010 is projected to return to a more rapid rate of growth of this market - such calculations are shown in the results of a study conducted by The Information Network. Analysts noted a significant predominance of Asian manufacturers:their share in 2008 accounted for about 3, 3 GW of the total in Europe was made of solar panels for a total amount of 1, 5 GWh, while in the U. S. - total 750 MW.
General recessive trend in the market of semiconductors is also affected and enterprises engaged in production of photovoltaic components. In this segment fall in output has also led to a lower level of capacity utilization to below 50%. This factor leads to polycrystalline silicon, was in deficit for many years, is now available in abundance at the price of the substrate of less than 5 U. S. This fact should affect the decline in sales of less efficient panels based on amorphous silicon. Nevertheless, the percentage of panels with a relatively low efficiency at the level of 7-12% in 2010 will be 20% - the segment that will continue long after them due to lower production costs.


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