Marriage of cards. The story of the continuation

April 23, 2009, 10:27 am

   Not so long ago we gave the statistics of failure of the graphics adapter based on the French site HardWare. fr. From the data it followed that the French buyer Point of View graphics cards are out of luck more than others.
We contacted representatives of Point of View and is confident that the statistics on marriages in Russia radically different, and for the better. A long-standing partner of Point of View in Russia, the company Pyrite, kindly provided statistical data on warranty cases graphics cards with Point of View for the past few years. As can be seen from these figures, in 2008 the percentage of the marriage was indeed slightly higher than the average for the last two years, but not more than 1 point, 1% of the total number of sold cards. Note that the largest number of cases were in warranty card series GeForce 8500/8600, while the rest of the series major problems were observed.
In conclusion, I would like to add that we recommend to purchase graphics cards and other expensive components in the company stores. In this case, failure of your glandule, thanks to the guarantees will not lead to financial losses.


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