Matthew Pary much played Fallout 3

April 22, 2009, 10:00 am

matthew pary much played fallout 3   Actor Metyu Pary (Matthew Perry) must be well known to our viewers. He played Chandler in the famous TV series Friends. Recently, actor in a comedy shot on 17 Again. Promoting a new project, Pary made for TV show The View, which answered a lot of ridiculous and not very funny questions. The most interesting thing is that in the interview, the actor confessed that so many played Fallout 3, that he needs to see a doctor. Of course, the leading television had not heard anything about this project, but the celebrity they are quickly explained. Video confirmation can be seen here.
Note that this is not the first time that celebrities enjoyed video games. For example, the famous actor Daniel Craig admitted that likes to sit in front of the TV with a gamepad in my hands. Jody Foster also likes to spend time for video games with their children. We are not talking about George Bush junior.


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