McAfee will expand its portfolio of products from Secure Computing

September 23, 2008, 4:47 pm

mcafee will expand its portfolio of products from secure computing   The company McAfee announced its intention to acquire the company Secure Computing, which specializes in the development of solutions for security networks. The amount of the transaction amount of $ 465 million
Among the products Secure Computing can be a tool to filter traffic in corporate networks Webwasher, encrypted e-mail servers Ironmail, firewall, Sidewinder, the device virtual private network SnapGear.
The company Secure Computing unit will be part of McAfee, which is responsible for ensuring network security for business customers.
McAfee, like other companies that deal with security in recent actively acquiring new solutions from third-party developers. For example, in August it was reported acquisition of Reconnex, which develops software designed to prevent the leakage of data. Last year, McAfee added to its product portfolio company Onigma, dedicated to developing tools for data protection, as well as programs SafeBoot for encoding information.


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