Mediapleery Cowon O2 and L3 - PMP and nothing extra

August 22, 2008, 1:48 am

mediapleery cowon o2 and l3 - pmp and nothing extramediapleery cowon o2 and l3 - pmp and nothing extramediapleery cowon o2 and l3 - pmp and nothing extramediapleery cowon o2 and l3 - pmp and nothing extramediapleery cowon o2 and l3 - pmp and nothing extra 
mediapleery cowon o2 and l3 - pmp and nothing extra   The company continues to expand steadily Cowon targeting not only the production of audio, but also on the multifunctional Media. Regular news that the South Korean company is going to present at IFA 2008, have become portable Media nezamyslovatymi names with O2 and L3.
Indeed, they fully justify its name - in design players find nothing excessive in all desire impossible. Both models look like small LCD displays, all governments have either sunk into the body, or simply not allocated to the general background. Although, at the expense of bright lights, buttons below the display L3 look somewhat contrast.
Model O2 is positioned as a producer of multi-functional entertainment All-in-one station. Portable Media Cowon O2 is equipped with 4, 3 - inch touch screen, 18, 16 or 32 GB embedded memory slot under the flash card-type SD, USB-port, TV output and built-in speakers. As All-in-one station it can be used to view the photos and video, listening to music, and work with the text as a portable translator.
Cowon L3 differs 7 - inch touch screen with a maximum resolution 800 480, a system of attachment to the wall and remote control. It is also equipped with an FM-receiver, built-in antenna, GPS-receiver for Sirf Star III chip and slot under the flash-card type SD. Another feature new items are sensory buttons administration, working under mysterious technology Shadow Touch button.
The remaining technical characteristics of the players Cowon O2 and L3, as well as the start date retail sales and producer price promises to announce after the exhibition IFA 2008.


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