The merger of NEC and Renesas will lead to the creation of the largest chipmeykera

April 17, 2009, 6:02 pm

   According to informed sources, the company`s NEC Electronics and Renesas Technology are in the final stages of negotiations on the merger, which could lead to a major Japanese manufacturer of semiconductors in the volume sales.
Both companies plan to sign an agreement as early as this month. It was expected that the completion of the transaction could take place in 2010.
According to industry observers, the desire for a merger of NEC and Renesas due to their large financial losses caused by the economic situation in the world. In such a situation is easier to survive together than alone. As a result, the merger is born the third largest worldwide manufacturer of chips, after such giants as Intel and Samsung Electronics.
Note that the information on the possible deal is still at the level of rumor. Sami companies responded to a press release which reported that no decisions on the merger was not accepted, but the denial of such negotiations is not there.


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