Metal Gear Solid Touch owners will make iPhone

December 18, 2008, 2:32 pm

metal gear solid touch owners will make iphone   For several weeks, Konami has kept fans in suspense nerves game series Metal Gear Solid, overlaid on the Net neinformativny trailer. Finally place announcement, which had been waiting:the iPhone and iPod touch will be released game Metal Gear Solid Touch.
According to available information, storyline toys will interfere with Metal Gear Solid 4. Players will be given 8 levels, but Konami promises to regularly produce additional assignments. In Metal Gear Solid Touch will present an opportunity to obtain vnutriigrovyh points, which would open the image and wallpaper relevant to the series of Metal Gear Solid.
Apparently, Apple managed to convince developers that the iPhone is not only the phone and music player, but there is no game console. This month, Konami has also issued a mobile version of Dance Dance Revolution, Silent Hill The Escape and Frogger.


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