Metanolovy prototype of Toshiba

September 30, 2008, 7:03 pm

metanolovy prototype of toshibametanolovy prototype of toshibametanolovy prototype of toshiba 
metanolovy prototype of toshiba   A few years ago, devices with batteries to fuel cells were gigantic size, looked awful, and few could have imagined that in late 2008, Toshiba will show the first prototype of a mobile phone normal size At this source of energy.
Unfortunately, it is not yet a serial unit, but a copy of the exhibition that runs on methanol, can deliver up to 7 hours continuous talk and charge him go a few minutes. Production company still does not name the price of new items, is also unknown, and plans to commercialize technology, but competitors are already worth hurry:the prototype - the first step into the market. A technological innovation can always find a buyer.


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