Micro Four Thirds System - a replacement optics in compact TSFK

June 30, 2008, 2:49 am

micro four thirds system - a replacement optics in compact tsfkmicro four thirds system - a replacement optics in compact tsfkmicro four thirds system - a replacement optics in compact tsfk 
micro four thirds system - a replacement optics in compact tsfk   Micro Four Thirds System - the so-called new standard changed Four Thirds System, provided by companies Olympus and Panasonic. According to information contained in the announcements, this prompted the development partners user reviews of digital cameras, often expressed a preference for compact models with fixed optics instead of digital SLR cameras, justifying this by excessive dimensions and weight of recent large. It is anticipated that the device format Micro Four Thirds System will combine the basic dignity of both chambers of classes - and compactness, and the possibility of installing interchangeable lenses.
Chambers Micro Four Thirds, strictly speaking, can no longer be called digital SLR cameras in the classic sense of the term, because their relatively small size has been achieved by excluding it from the block construction of mirrors and optical viewfinder. Common to the family as a whole remains the size of the matrix - (18 x 13, 5 mm) and the main differences Micro modification of"big"Four Thirds standard are reduced by 50% distance from the lens to the sensor (which, respectively, allowing the body to make thinner by half ), A decrease of 6 mm in diameter mounted and larger number of contacts - 11 to 9.
Naturally, Micro Four Thirds lenses will also be the depth and weight more than their large counterparts.
It is anticipated that the format Four Thirds lenses can be used with"carcasses"Micro Four Thirds through adapter, but not vice versa. So far, Olympus and Panasonic did not report the timing of exit and other information relating to any cameras or lenses, built on the basis of the new standard.


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