Microids Syberia is preparing to issue 3

April 19, 2009, 8:42 am

microids syberia is preparing to issue 3   It turns out that the French company Microids is working on a third part of a remarkable adventure series Syberia. Ostensibly intended to move the company even advenchuru on the prefix of Sony.
Of course, Syberia 3 will be released on PC, but very Microids wanted to escape and on the console. Resultant increase in budgets for development. In modern terms this multiplatform becomes necessary.
It should be noted that Sony is not too grievance products Microids. The company refused to let its platform more products from this publisher (including the PS2-version of Syberia). In addition, Sony requires huge royalties that not everyone will be able to pay. We hope that the transfer of Syberia 3 for Xbox 360 will not cause many problems.
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