Microsoft confirmed the existence of the new Zune

September 10, 2008, 12:03 pm

microsoft confirmed the existence of the new zune   After a wave of various information leaks, from Microsoft no choice but to only confirm the existence of an updated line of players autumn Zune.
The company is going to enhance the ability of their players by extending the amount of memory built up to 120 GB (player with hard drive for $ 249) and 16 GB (flash player for $ 199). 8-gigabyte model costs $ 149. Undergone considerable refinement network and software services. Now, as in the case of the iPod Touch, Zune users will be able to buy new music directly from the network, using Wi-Fi. In addition, the player would you recommend music, listen to stories based on the compositions. The specialists also promise to add special channels through which the cast will be different thematic music. Included with the device you get two games. Finally, Zune can also play audio books.
Note that a very special event will take place soon Apple, during which the company can submit its new line of players iPod. Probably, there also is waiting for us a few pleasant surprises.


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