Microsoft does not believe in the death of games in boxes

April 7, 2009, 9:27 am

microsoft does not believe in the death of games in boxes   Recently, we increasingly hear reports that the games begin more actively sold in digital form. If before such a method of mostly owned by the PC, it now projects moved to the console. Users have the opportunity to ride a demo version, videos, buy mini-Addons, and full versions of games.
The promotion of such services leads some analysts to think that in the future, waiting for the full retail game go to the figure of a fully boxed refuse. The representative of the British Branch of Microsoft Neil Thompson (Neil Thompson) said in an interview with MCV, that the growth of downloaded content does not affect the slowing sales of conventional CDs, but rather complements them. He does not believe that in the foreseeable future, all the players will go only to Steam and other similar projects.
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