Microsoft will introduce new Zune players in 2009

February 2, 2009, 9:27 am

microsoft will introduce new zune players in 2009   Adam Dream (Adam Sohn), Commercial Director of Microsoft, responsible player Zune, said in an interview with CNET, that in 2009 we will announce the new portable music devices .
The head did not have no special illusions about the success Zune, and said that the sale was not very successful. However, the company intends to continue to promote their products in this segment, unsuccessfully trying to potesnit Apple. Somehow to attract the attention of consumers, the developers intend to release a new set of players before the end of this year. The devices will be radically different from the previously proposed devices.
Microsoft also said that can begin to integrate Zune with the Xbox 360 (Xbox Live) and Media Center. In the list of possible benefits of the new players can also means access to a huge number of free music, touch-screen and a lot of interesting games. However, to say something specific about the Zune 2 will be only at a later date.


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