Microsoft will not produce smart phones

October 3, 2008, 8:16 pm

   Microsoft does not intend to issue smart phones of its own production, but will continue to charge royalties for licensing its operating system Windows Mobile. This, in a recent interview with Reuters said the executive director of the corporation, Steve Balmer.
According to him, not to say some analysts, there is no earthly reason to expect Microsoft to exit the market manufacturers of mobile phones. I would not wait for the issuance of our own smartphone. Sorry, but we are not going to do it.
Balmer also said that Microsoft would not have about Nokia and Google, and will continue to collect from producers smartphones based on Windows Mobile licenses. It would be interesting to ask Google or Nokia, why they are investing heavily in Android, and Symbian, if not benefiting from these projects are no profits ? - Balmer said.
Android developer is trying to promote web surfing on phones in order to use their own search and mail services, which the company receives revenue from advertising. As for Nokia, it is really going to open source Symbian, or attempts to assign this operating system itself ? We will have to wait to see the results - said the head of Microsoft in an interview.
Despite the best efforts of the company, its market share in operating systems for smartphones remains at around 10%. According to the analytical agency Strategy Analytics, for every device sold based on Windows Mobile Microsoft receives from 8 to 15 dollars.
However, Balmer is not ashamed of that. Manufacturers of portable electronics skeptical about Nokia, operators - to Google. I believe that by charging license costs, thus we give people to understand what are our motives - he finished.


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